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Join us at the Rolla Bandshell, on the corner of 9th and Oak Street for Dorothy in Wonderland! Go on a mad adventure with Dorothy Gale and her friends from Oz as they travel down the rabbit hole to meet Alice, The Mad Hatter, The Queen of Hearts and more!


This musical version of the popular children’s stories will delight family audiences! It’s natural that Dorothy and Alice would become instant friends if they met.  After all, they’re both girls who want to return home from the fantasy worlds in which they find themselves. Dorothy, Toto and the characters of Oz get caught in another whirlwind that sweeps them off to Wonderland, where they meet Alice, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, March Hare, the Cheshire Cat and many more!  It’s truly a mad adventure!  And you thought the Wicked Witch of the West was bad?  Now they face a dangerous new foe — the Queen of Hearts!

Come to the Rolla Downtown Band Shell early for a pre-show filled with local talent and food trucks at 7:30pm, with the show starting at 8:30.

In the event of inclement weather we will relocate to the St. James HS theatre. The call will be made the morning of each performance. 

DOROTHY IN WONDERLAND is a student-led production sponsored by OAT Ed.  
Director - Riley Stevenson
Producer, Music Director, & Choreographer - Lyndsi Blakley
Stage Manager - Chloe Blakley
Costume Designer - Zachary Phelps


Friday, June 25
8:30 PM (Pre-show beginning at 7:30pm)


Saturday, June 26
8:30 PM (Pre-show beginning at 7:30pm)


Sunday, June 27
8:30 PM (Pre-show beginning at 7:30pm)


Dorothy - Navy Setzer

Alice - Neely Leathers

Scarecrow - Gwnyeth Little

Queen of Hearts - Audrey Smith

Tin Man - Dalton Storie

Lion - Brody Light

Mad Hatter - Ethan Pennington

Glinda - Jaydin Cooper

March Hare - Christopher Johnson

King Of Hearts - Zachery Betz

Wizard - Chloe Kissinger

Tweedle Dee - Draven Cole

Tweedle Dum - Acie Prawitz

Knight - Daisy Rekus

Fish Footman - Meghan Williams

Caterpillar - Jeremiah Hower

Cheshire Cat One - Morgan Korich

Dormouse - Kytelyn Johns

Frog Footman - Lucas Shoen

Humpty Dumpty - Hayden Hawkins

White Rabbit - Scout Hargis

Five - Lily Ahl

Pawn - Alondra Metzen

Rook - Quincey Steelman

Rose - Greta Vogel

Tiger Lily - Laney Potter

Tulip - Brianna LeBlount

Toto - Abbigail Rodriguez

Cheshire Cat Two - Katelyn Halbert

Cheshire Cat Three - Shelby Blake

Ensemble - Miriam Leigh & Anna Walker

We are looking for local businesses to sponsor our production. If you or your organization are interested please email

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