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Blog Entry #1

OAT Blog Entry #1

Let the Casting Begin!

A big thank you to everyone who came out to audition for OAT’s summer season last weekend!! Between Midwest Theatre auditions Feb 19-21, and video submissions, we have a tremendous amount of talent to choose from to bring you some fantastic productions this summer!

Now comes the hard part: casting the summer. Casting is like putting together a huge puzzle – it’s lots of pieces. You can clearly see how some go together but others need to be put in, taken out, and put back again, in a different space. A friend who runs a company in St. Louis, and coincidentally just held auditions, put together 4 great tips for getting through the process and helping actors understand:

  1. Everyone “behind the table” wants you to be “the one”.
    Every time you walk in that room, EVERYONE is rooting for you to be exactly who they’re looking for.
  2. The only person you have to worry about “beating” or “competing” against…is you.
  3. Being comfortable and enjoying your audition material, showing up 2 minutes early, and being polite are like, 98% of success.
  4. Have fun. Auditions are supposed to be one of the fun parts of the job.

It’s not an easy task. I come from an acting background so I know how I see MY puzzle piece – I fit anywhere! With anyone! Use me! But that’s my own ego speaking and sometimes, even with a great audition, a person doesn’t get cast because they don’t fit the puzzle. They don’t fit for age reasons, or economic ones, or they’re too tall, etc. The list is extensive. This year I heard so many beautiful sopranos who would have been amazing if we were doing Carousel, but we aren’t, so I can’t use them.

It is almost never personal if you don’t get cast. I’m not going to rule out a snarky director because it does happen, but 99% of the time, it’s not personal and you shouldn’t take it personally. Which is difficult because “YOU” are the product. But really, how can change how tall you are or how old you are or what voice range you have? You cannot. Those are the cards you’ve been dealt so accept it and move forward. And keep learning. Go back to dance class or take voice lessons, or one or any of the classes we’ll be offering at OAT. Shameless Plug: I will be conducting a class on creating the physical life of a character on March 13. It’s a three hour intensive. Keep putting tools in the toolbag.

It is my intention to have the season completely cast by March 15, including all the directors and designers and tech staff we need for the summer. Rest assured, there will be many familiar faces on the OAT stage.

Pamela Reckamp
OAT Artistitc Director