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Endowment Campaign


At our 25th Anniversary Gala on May 11, 2012, OAT kicked off a campaign to build an endowment fund. By partnering with the Meramec Regional Community Foundation, OAT will create a new, sustainable, ever-growing revenue stream that is not affected by government cuts or shifts in private support. We encourage all OAT supporters to consider a gift or commitment above and beyond their annual support. Now in our 30th year, celebrating more than a quarter century of outstanding, live professional theatre, we applaud this important aspect of ensuring the continued existence of this phenomenal feature of our community.

So what is an endowment, anyway? It’s a fund that is established to support an entity forever. Gifts to the endowment fund will never be spent – they are used to generate income which OAT may use to run the theatre. If there is an excess of income over and above the theatre’s needs, those funds are reinvested in the endowment fund, helping it to grow even further.

Unrestricted gifts to the endowment are gifts that don’t specify how the income will be used. These gifts will help generate funds to help with building upkeep, purchase needed items, pay performers and technical staff, obtain production rights, attend unified auditions and many other things.

Restricted gifts may also be made, which will provide income for specific projects or programs, such as the Summer Theatre Academy, the Fall Season, tuckpointing the building or purchasing new seats.

Because gifts to the endowment fund are held forever, your gift will live on forever, providing assurance that the theater we love will live on long after we are gone.

Want more information? We’ll be happy to help – just call the theatre at 573-364-9523 ext. 1004 and speak with Managing Director Stephenie Moser.