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Blog entry #2: STA

OAT Summer Theatre Academy Update

We’ve made some changes to the Summer Theatre Academy in 2016, so if you’re thinking about enrolling a kiddo in one or both weeks, here’s what we have in store. We will be offering two weeks of the academy in the mornings for the younger set and one afternoon session for those who are teens and/or have been a part of the academy before and feel they want to graduate to a class that’s a little more accelerated and challenging. (Moving into the accelerated class if a child doesn’t meet the age requirement, will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.)

For the first time, OAT will be offering a skills class. This is different from the performance class as it cover a wide variety of topics (voice, body, dance, and tech) without the pressure of a “performance” at the end of the week. Students will be learning various ways to use and change their voices (volume, pitch, speed, patterns/inflections), explore physical shapes and energies that make characters seem unique, and learning dance steps that are typically found in musical theatre numbers but which can be arranged in any number of different combinations. The technical or crew side of theatre is also very important and often a part of being in a show, so the students will learn basics about the backstage, sets, lights, and costumes. These skills are applicable to a wide range of projects both for OAT productions and for other performing opportunities. Building a better skill set, filling that tool bag with choices is what makes performers interesting onstage and that’s what this week of the Academy is about. The presentation at the end of the week will be less of a polished performance, and more a showing of what the students were able to learn about their bodies and voices as a method of creating a character.

OAT will be offering the performance class as well. At the beginning of this session at the Academy, students will learn about auditioning, audition and then be assigned songs, dances and scenes. They will spend the week really digging into the material and working on a polished version to show parents at the Saturday presentation. If there is a song or scene they’d really like to work on, please feel free to bring these materials to the session and discuss with the instructors. This week will also consist of group numbers learned by the entire “company” attending the session.

OAT is happy to announce that Grace Taylor will be returning to Summer Theatre Academy as lead teacher. The plan is to have several guest artists, who are a part of OAT’s professional summer season, to come in and teach Master Classes as well.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding OAT Summer Theatre Academy. We want this to be a pleasant, fun-filled, learning experience for your children! You can contact me at artistic@ozarkactorstheatre.org.

Pamela Reckamp, Artistic Director