Ozark Actors Theatre | 701 N Cedar St Rolla, MO 65401 | (573) 364-9523

Board of Directors

President: Kevin Edwards
“I am very proud to be part of this team of talented, dedicated people helping to bring live theatre to central Missouri. OAT is an amazing institution bringing joy and art to our community. Thank you for supporting us!”

Vice President: Becky Smith
“Ozark Actors Theatre is truly one of Rolla’s treasures, and to be a part of the OAT family as a patron, volunteer, “theatre mom”, and board member is an amazing blessing. OAT offers our community live, professional theatre for a fraction of the cost and time involved with a typical theatre experience, and more significantly, the theatre offers kids and adults alike in our community the opportunity to work and learn alongside extraordinary talent. Don’t miss out on all that OAT has to offer… and help us to ensure life in the theatre for years to come!”

Treasurer: Kim Morgan
“Rolla is so lucky to have Ozark Actors Theatre as part of our community. We are one of only 3 professional theatres in outstate Missouri. Not only do we provide high quality professional theatre but we also provide educational opportunities for both young people and people young at heart, and we provide theatre space for other organizations in our community. We have extensive family friendly programming throughout the year for your entertainment, all at affordable prices so that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy our events. We hope to see you soon!”

Secretary: Terri Puetz
“I grew up with a love of theatre and the arts. When I moved to Rolla ten years ago, I was instantly drawn to the shows at Ozark Actors Theatre and the wonderful community of artists in our town. My daughter has also been blessed to get to perform several times on the OAT stage and I have seen how it has enriched her love of theatre, dance, and the arts. Also, as an English teacher to middle school-aged children I see every day how a story, poem, play, or musical can impact and enrich my student’s lives. I am so proud to get to serve on the OAT board and be a part of this wonderful theatre in our community.”

Jessica Barron
“OAT has been a part of my life since I was a little girl! I grew up with my mom on the Board of Directors and attending every Summer Academy and camp that OAT offered. OAT gave us a way to see professional, live theatre for an affordable price right in our hometown. As I’ve gotten older I have been able to be more involved with volunteering and now am on the Board. I hope you make OAT a part of your family’s traditions and enjoy it as much as my family does!”

Terri Cheatham

Ryan Farmer
“Theatre helps us to transcend into a world of magic and imagination. It can be a reflection of our true selves or show us a place or person we strive to be. Having spent some years in the world of theatre outside of central Missouri I came to appreciate those sentiments and value the beauty of live theatre. As a non-Rolla native moving here a few years ago, I had zero expectations as to what live theatre this area might offer. When I attended my first show at the Cedar Street Playhouse I left in disbelief. I could not believe the passion and effort that was put into a smaller community’s theatre production. Every time I’ve seen a show or have been lucky enough to perform in one here it continues to amaze me how great our theatre community is. Ozark Actors Theatre, partnered with the surrounding area arts community, strives to put on high quality live theatre, right here in central Missouri. I am proud to serve this community in this capacity, and will do everything I can to help you and your family take part in and enjoy everything OAT has to offer.”

Kate Rapp
“As a Rolla teacher new to the Ozark Actors Theatre experience, I’ve learned quickly that the OAT family is a truly wonderful community – a group of motivated individuals that value and appreciate theatre and the arts. I am proud to serve on the board and to join the family that renders the region’s best professional theatre. Rolla is lucky to have and to cherish what OAT brings to our city. As a teacher, I love seeing our youth join such a talented organization to showcase their talents and to be welcomed on a stage that will teach them many valuable life experiences!”

Jeff Williams
“For many years before I joined the OAT family, I left every show, shaking my head, wondering how the small community of Rolla could produce such high quality theater. I still don’t know! Some kind of magic happens, and it’s not just onstage. It happens behind the scenes with the crew, and out in the community through businesses and individuals who provide financial support, and with our supportive audiences, just everyday people, who have discovered that you don’t have to pass an audition to become a part of our family. Like all the arts, theater plays a vital role in human lives, helping us to better understand ourselves, express our feelings and ideas, and often to laugh at ourselves. Ozark Actors Theatre plays its own vital role in the Rolla area family. Come join us!”

Former Board Members

Lindsay Bagnall
“My family has been involved in one aspect or another of OAT since its second year! Participation in performances and the Summer Academy gave my daughters incredible opportunities they could get nowhere else and spurred a lifelong love of theater. Their experiences with OAT have also given them tremendous self-confidence and a “no fear” attitude toward meeting new people and trying new things – what better gift could OAT have given my children? So I’m delighted to be able to give back with my time, talent and treasure.”

Chairman of the Board: Cindy Beger
“The mission of the Ozark Actors Theatre has always been to bring the powerfully positive and transformative experience of live theatre to Rolla, Phelps County and the South Central Missouri area. Most children in a community of this size never have an opportunity to improve themselves in this manner, learning self-esteem, confidence and the ability to present themselves in a way that will make a difference in any job or industry they choose. Local adults and children are both given the opportunity to work side by side with trained professionals to create the “magic” of live theatre and share that experience with their audiences.
It has been said OAT created a catalyst for change in our community, a higher level of pride, a broader sense of the arts and an invitation for others to share their talents and artistic passions. It has been one of the greatest joys and blessings of my life to see the impact OAT has had on the quality of life in our area.”

Aimee Campbell
“OAT’s intimate setting and Broadway-quality talent provide an experience like no other. Serving on the board of directors and watching my own children perform on stage has given me the opportunity to see a different side of OAT, and realize just how fortunate we are to have this “jewel” in our community. Once you experience OAT, you will be a fan for life!

Kathy Nickason
“It has been an honor to serve on the board of the best professional theatre in outstate Missouri. Keeping OAT alive, well and functioning has been our objective and it is thanks to our patrons we are continuing to meet this goal. Thank you for supporting and helping us achieve this.”